The efforts to increase the level of the quality of the affiliated fair projects came to a successful end with the last camp – Western Region Mentoring Camp organised on 30thJune & 1st  July at Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Mumbai.




The camp was inaugurated by Dr. Hemachandra Pradhan, Former Director of Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education. He shared his experiences at ISEF and encouraged & motivated the participants to bag a place in Team India.

The scientific panel comprising of Dr. Kishore Amin, Dr. Hemant Pandey, and Dr. P K Joshi spent time with each project group, suggesting ways and means to infuse research and innovative thought processes into their existing projects. It was exhilarating for both the students and the guides when the gaps were pointed out by the subject experts. Discussions and deliberations marked the entire day.  The students and guides took note of the suggestions and worked on it through the night and were ready for their next day presentation.




Each group detailed the steps that they would be taking in the next two months and went back satisfied at being provided a clear direction.

A special note of thanks to Dr. Hemant Pandey under whose leadership the camp came to a successful end. Special mention to Dr. P K Joshi, who not only helped in hosting the finalists at HBCSE but also gave valuable inputs owing to his vast experience working with children. Dr. Amin & Dr. Pandey, with their combined wealth of experience as SRC members, motivated the students to come up with innovative, thought-provoking ideas and gave direction for them to proceed further.




The overall feedback of the students and their guides was very favorable and it reiterated the fact that the step taken to mentor the finalists before their entry to IRIS National fair was in the right direction.

‘The experts were  absolutely fantastic and truly informative and indeed helped us to surge ahead. Moreover, this workshop was highly motivational’ – Sammiddhi Vishwakarma & Shrestha Agrawal, Students, Bhavan’s Raipur 

‘It was a great step towards enlightening new ideas in the minds of young aspiring scientists. This mentorship involves no judgement and hence, all students hugely participated in questionnaire session. The projects were worth listening to. It evoked me to think in a different manner throughout the two days” – Mr.  Himesh Kothari, Ujjain, M.P, Guide Teacher

‘I feel nice in this mentoring camp. First day I was thinking that I will not get selected by this model and I was thinking how can I change this model but in the next day when the teachers came they gave me some new ideas and after that I think  I will make it to the National Fair‘ – Suhani Raghuwanshi; Student, Bright Angels High School

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  1. Sidharth Jain Says Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I am from Mumbai and had participated in IRIS National Science Fair 2016 and got selected in top 100. I really cherished the experience and would like to continue to work in this direction. i missed the opportunity of going to the Homi Bhabha Centre Mentoring Camp as i was not aware.
    Can you suggest a mentor in Mumbai under whose guidance i can do this years 2017 IRIS project

    Sidharth Jain

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